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Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Following on from my last post. Let's carry on reminiscing back through the years.

The 1950's were all about the Doris Day, "girl next door" style, bolero's, elbow length gloves, petticoat's. Also accessories like pearl necklaces, short veils, paired with either stilettos and kitten heels for your bride. The groom wore a choice of flannel suits or fifty's vintage style suit paired with a simple loafer or wingtip shoes, or for the more distinguished gentleman wore a white tuxedo and a black bow tie.

The 60's were about easy to wear clothes and bright colours, high hemlines and classic simple shapes along with flat shoes, whereas the men would wear a suit, skinny tie partnered with a fedora and a trench coat or the mod look comprising of pressed chinos with a parka coat and Chelsea boots. the 70's were about lace wedding dresses with long sleeves back in style alongside flared jumpsuits and campervans and the Boho style.

More to follow in part 3 where we will look at the 80's, 90's, 2000's and the future.

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